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     I had the pleasure of attending the International Expo at school this past Saturday. I really enjoyed how there were foods that originated from Germany, Greece, and ever South Africa. I danced a German dance with my friends and even had a moustache painted on my face. 

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     I just finished watching the announcements at my high school and they were talking about having an Ally week at school. It's April 15-19 and on the last day, hopefully, everyone will be quiet during passing periods and during the block classes.
GSA, which is the Gay-Straight-Alliance club, is hosting the week.

     It means a lot to me that GSA would take the time to make Ally week. In January, I came out as bisexual, and I've been with my girlfreind for a month next Wednesday. Some people don't know about it and I'm planning to tell people who I am as a person and that I love who I am.

     Hello everyone! If you don't know my name, I'm Alyssa! I'm 14 and a freshman at a high school somewhere in Indiana. I can't tell you where I live since I don't really want to be stalked ☺This isn't technically a blog post but I'll try to put a new post as often as I can since I have homework EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

     If you want me to talk about a topic, feel free to comment and I'll make a note to post about it! I WILL NOT talk about things I consider hateful or things that may offend people. I'm not a person to do that. 

     In certain topics, I may curse, especially if it's about a bullying issue like on my Quotev account. I DO say what is on my mind unless it's going to offend someone, which is rare.

     Anyway, hopefully you'll be able to get to know me better by reading my posts and checking out my links that are really tiny at the top of each page! Cheerio!


    I'm a 14 year old book writer on Quotev andI enjoy it! I hear about Weebly from a friend so I thought "Why not make a blog site since I love sharing my opinion?". So here I am now! ♥


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